The Out and Back

I’ve got a lot of routes in my neighborhood to run. I’ve got a couple 5k loops, but I’ve had some trouble finding a good out and back run. This sounds like this post should have some deeper meaning about life, but, alas, no, it’s just about running. Typically, I like out and backs because …


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The Authors We Learn From

It’s teacher appreciation week and while I’m going to do a little of that over on, I thought it more appropriate here on the Creek to discuss writers we learn from. So there are some obvious ones for me. There’s John Gardner, who wrote the Art of Fiction. I especially like his discussion of … Continue reading The Authors We Learn From

Just Keep Chugging Along

So the other day out for a “quick” run, which I count as anything under a half hour these days, I passed two of my neighbors who walk everyday together. They’re a cute older couple and they’re both really nice. They wave and say hi, and are generally encouraging. Well, on Thursday morning, as I … Continue reading Just Keep Chugging Along