Healing with words

I don’t know what it is about writing, but I always feel better after doing it. This morning, I was really dragging when I got out of bed. Still tired, still sore from the work last night and a little dizzy due to dehydration. I gotta drink more water. Anyway, I got up, made the …


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Ten Pounds for a Minute

One thing I like about running is tracking my times and distances and what I’ve learned about my running is that every 10 pounds costs me a minute. See, there’s been some stress eating and even though I’ve continued running and even added some other exercises via Nike Training Club, I’ve been locked in about … Continue reading Ten Pounds for a Minute

A Trip to See Santa

So what seems like a lifetime ago, I was a new reporter at a small newspaper in Connecticut covering the towns of Durham and Middlefield. These were small communities with a mix of working farms and large homes that served as a bedroom community for the larger cities in the region. But they were fun … Continue reading A Trip to See Santa